"ATM" & "IMD"
"Bernie Lean" (Dance Craze)
(Official Video)

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EH, If you aint on that "Bernie Lean", watch the video and you're gonna know what I mean. Taken from a classic movie "Weekend At Bernies", these dudes take you on a crazy zombie dance journey.

I post 100 videos at a time, so I don't have time to watch an entire video, but this one, I did. Even had me up doing it. (lol) I text my son, Jowahn, to peep it, but he told me, I was late, he been doing it, the "Oakland A's" do it. Guess I need to watch more baseball.


"Rebel Society" Presents:

"The 450 Series: Smoke Break" (Inspiration) - "Justin Tinsley"
"HER Story" (Inspiration) - "Santana Lipscomb"

"The 450 Series: Smoke Break" (Inspiration)
"Justin Tinsley"

Twitter: @JustinTinsley @RebelSociety1

What I found inspiring about this interview, with Justin Tinsley, is that it detailed a boy who had a dream to be a great sports player, but found love in music, which lead him to become a sports writer and writing about music for "Smoking Section" and "Karen Civil".

The inspiring part, is that he has a GREAT job, doing what he loves, but still has aspirations to do more and be more; but I think the part that got me the most, is hearing, though, he hasn't arrived to where he'd like to be, he likes who he is And where he is. What he's doing as a man, even though, as a boy, being an athlete, was his joy, it just shows that if you don't give up on yourself, its never to late to be yourself. He's not chasing fame and fortune, he just wants to leave an impact on the world, with his writing. HE JUST WANTS TO BE SUCCESSFUL.....<<And I can dig it.

The Rebel Society Presents The 450 Series and this episode features sports and music writer Justin Tinsley titled Smoke Break. In this piece he speaks on wanting to be Michael Jordan growing up, working for KarenCivil.com and The Smoking Section, what he looks for when artists are sending in music, and much more. If you have checked out some of his work before and would like to know a little bit more about him, you definitely need to check this out. Shot and edited by Shod Harris of The Rebel Society.

Rebel Society Presents: "HER Story" (Inspiration) 
"Santana Lipscomb"

Twitter: @RebelSociety1


Take a journey, with Santana, as she shares her mission to serve God. She moved to Virginia to strengthen a strained relationship with her father. Although moving closer did not immediately mend the broken fences,  she kept trying. 

Once she stopped living for herself and started living for God, her purpose in life was revealed and the relationship with her father was healed. 

One of statements she made, about know who you are as a person and live your life in a Godly manner." She understands the struggles of being young and serving God, and her mission is to reach the younger generation, and show them you can be who you are and serve God.

HER Story is a video series by World Wide Women Group and it focuses on telling the everyday story of what women in the world are faced with. This video features Santana Lipscomb, who is a seminary student at Regent University and she talks about the challenges of repairing an estranged relationship with her father, as well as following her calling of being in seminary school.  Powered by The Rebel Society. 


Video Director "Damon Jamal"
@ "City 2 City" Fresno Music Conference

The camera follows award winning director Damon Jamal as he goes to the City 2 City music conference to speak on the importance of having a quality music


"San Francisco's"
"The League Of Young Voters"
Makes Their Mark 

Twitter: @TheLeagueSF

Now. Though, I do care who you vote for, I care more that you vote. Your voice counts, and needs to be heard and your vote counts and needs to be counted. Don't assume who's going to win, ensure who's going to win. VOTE 
-Tease Right-

The League of Young Voters Education Fund (LYVEF), in partnership with AllHipHop.com and Rock the Vote, engaged young voters with an interactive viewing party and panel discussions in Washington, D.C. with #BarackTalk 2012. Shown live on Ustream, the interactive experience allowed young voters to witness top political, music and media pundits voice their opinions on President Obama's State of the Union speech.

#BarackTalk 2012 was highlighted by three discussion panels featuring Dee-1 (rapper/activist), RhymeFest (hip-hop artist), Chuck Creekmur (AllHipHop.com), Janee Bolden (Bossip.com), Andreas Hale (TheWellVersed.com), Shaheem Reid (MTV and XXL), Michale Skolnik (GlobalGrind.com) and more. Viewers joined the conversation by tweeting #BarackTalk, with panelists answering their questions. During the event, our Ustream viewer count exceeded 32,000 viewers.


The Hip Hop Dance Experience 
"History of Dance
(4 Decades Of Break Dancing)

Twitter: @HHDExperience

With the recent explosion of Hip Hop dance competitions, TV shows, and movies, it's no surprise to see a growing interest in the world of Hip Hop dance on the ground level. But how does one get down? First, you've gotta learn the basics.

In under two minutes, Haitian-born New Yorker and Hip Hop dance break-out star Hurrikane, (who's won numerous dance competitions and been featured popping and locking in TV commercials and movies) seamlessly takes us through four decades of dance, demonstrating styles ranging from Uprocking to the Bart Simpson to the Harlem Shake - and everything in between.

Hurrikane's comprehensive b-boy dance tutorial is released in celebration of the first authentic Hip Hop video game in the dance category, "The Hip Hop Dance Experience" by gaming company Ubisoft. "The Hip Hop Dance Experience" is the newest development in Ubisoft's "Experience" dance game franchise, which also includes "The Black Eyed Peas Experience" and "The Michael Jackson Experience." Paying special attention to the avatars' wardrobes, the dance moves, and the soundtrack, Ubisoft consulted with experts in each field to create the most realistic and authentic Hip Hop dance game to date. The game's soundtrack boasts the biggest Hip Hop hits from the past 30 years. The game's choreographers include Laurieann Gibson, who is Nicki Minaj's creative director, Dave Scott from So You Think You Can Dance and Battle of the Year, and Kid David from Step Up 3D. "The Hip Hop Dance Experience" will be available worldwide for Kinect for Xbox 360 and Wii for Nintendo on November 13th.


"What Gives In Celebrity Biz"
"Shane Mosley" On Pacquiao/Mayweather Fight"
"2 Chainz"  On "Birthday Song" Ft. Kanye West 
"Ya Boy" On TMZ Speakin About Trap'n
"Ne-Yo " On New Music, New Shape & More
"Stevie J" On Things He Doesn't Care About
"Beyonce" Directing Documentary About Her Life
"Ray J" On Returning Beverly Hilton Hotel Since Whitney's Death
"Mimi" (Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta) On Stevie J
"Curren$y" On Jet Life & Master P & Dame Dash
"Snoop Dogg"  Changes His Name To Snoop Lion

The famed professional boxer weighed in on a myriad of topics during his interview, which included Mayweather's recent stint in jail and who he's wanting to see in the ring. Shane also revealed that he's a big fan of street ball and who he's a fan of in the game.

Be sure to check out season 2 of Ball Up on Sunday, August 5th 9pm est. on Fox Sports.

"Shane Mosley
 "I Want to See a Pacquiao/Mayweather Fight" 

"2 Chainz
 Explains "Birthday Song" Ft Kanye West 

The Atlanta rapper reveals how his new single "Birthday Song" featuring Kanye West came about after 12 hours in the studio, and explains how he had a hand in the beats and arrangement of the music. 2 Chainz also revealed what other art forms he's interesting in crossing over to, including fashion and acting.

"Ya Boy
 On TMZ Speakin About Trap'n

"Ne-Yo "
Talks To Angie Martinez on Hot 97
About New Music, New Shape And More. 

"Stevie J" (Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta)
Things He Doesn't Care About 
On Cipha, Rosenberg & Kfoxx Show 

 Directing Documentary About Her Life 

Beyonce is returning to the directors chair directing and producing a documentary about her chart topping career.

"Ray J
Talks About Returning to the Beverly Hilton Hotel Since Whitney's Death

On Wednesday (August 1), Ray J returned to the Beverly Hilton for the first time since the untimely passing of his good friend Whitney Houston. Ray J was there for a press conference to discuss his new show with radio host and comedian Ricky Smiley but did share with us his feelings on being back in the hotel and hows he's moved on since her death.

"Mimi" (Love & Hip Hop, Atlanta) 
On Stevie J With Cipha, Rosenberg & KFoxx 


 Speaks On His Involvement With Jet Life Recordings and Learning From Master P and Dame Dash

"Snoop Dogg
 Changes His Name to "Snoop Lion"


"Christian" Rapper "Transparent
Teams Up With Ex NFL Player "Tony Stewart"
"BTL Mini Camp Horner
"Beyond The Locker


Northern California based Christian rapper, "Transparent", partners with former 10 year NFL Tight End "Tony Stewart" to bring "BEYOND THE LOCKER" to youth and student-athletes throughout California
"BEYOND THE LOCKER" is a non-profit organization that was founded "Tony Stewart" in 2011. "BTL" helps youth uncover their unique gifts and talents, teaching them important life skills through sports and supports them in the responsibility of giving back to the community
As one of California's leading motivators for today's youth, "Transparent" uses speaking and rapping to empower youth to find their purpose and live in their passions


"Wyclef Jean
"Justice" (If Your 17) 
[Trayvon Martin Tribute

Video Drops April 20th

On the wake of the "Trayvon Martin" tragedy, "Wyclef Jean", Prescribed and J. Williams got together to pay tribute. The video for 'Justice' drops April 20th.

Not really dig'n the song, but I'm glad that people stood up and are letting the world know, we don't like what's going on

Though, this happens every day, in every hood, in every city, in every state, but at least "the whole world is watching" this child and this case, which boils down to a hoodie and race.


"Imagine Lifestyles
Show Off Impressive Car Collection imaginelifestyles.com

"Imagine Lifestyles" shows off their impressive car collection from Aston Martin's to Lamborghini's and more.

"Imagine Lifestyles" is be based out of "Miami" but also have offices in "Chicago", "New York" and "Los Angeles". 

"Imagine Lifestyles" is a full service luxury charter rental. Available 24-7. They rent cars, mansions, yachts, helicopters and more. 


"Bay Area" Christian Radio StationCheck (20) Christian Rappers Featured On
"Breathe Life Radio"

"Breathe Life Radio" was founded in mid 2008 but launched Feb 2009 to provide opportunities 4 believers 2 praise/worship in ways they’ve probably never done B4, while @ the same time drawing the lost 2 Christ & encouraging those who've strayed 2 return 2 the things of God. This mission statement is based on Ezekiel 37:9 & 2 Cornrinthians 5:20. Go 2 the website & take a listen!  http://www.BreatheLifeRadio.com/

"Breathe Life Radio" does something that I love and that's the "Sweet 16". It gives artist of all walks, deliveries and flows to showcase their God given talent and minister the Gospel, by spitting a verse of 16 bars.

I love the way each artist's "Sweet 16" is shot differently. They could be walking on the street, sitting in the studio, reading the word, or what ever the artist is up to when "Breathe Life Radio" catches up to them.

Email: BreatheLifeRadio@Gmail.com
Website: http://www.BreatheLifeRadio.com/

Address: P.O.Box 5584, Vallejo, CA 94591

"MenaceTree's" 2nd Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from Ezekiel of P4CM

Young Chozen's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Jesus Geek & his Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from Soja Sto

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from Pro

R.E.I.G.N.'s Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from Nova 
of Not By Sight

WORDsmith's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Freedom's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Odd Thomas & His Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from Black Knight

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from A.I.M.

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from Sensmusiq

Prodigal Child's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Messenger Of Emmanuel's 
Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Kiwi's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16 from 
A.O. of Operation T.H.U.G.S.

Christ Boi's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16

kTWO's Breathe Life Radio Sweet 16