"Florida's" "Gangster Disciples" (GD's)
Want Rick Ross To Pay Up, Or He Can't Lay Up

Ummm, don't know what "Rick Ross" done got himself into, but it sure aint look'n good for the "Boss". Looks like he might have to relocate his "Maybach" out of Florida, cuz he's got some "Heat", burning at his feet.

The Florida gang, "GD's" (Gangster Disciples), have let it be known that they are "MBK's", Maybach Killers. They say "Rick Ross" knows what he said, he know what it is, and if he don't pay up, ITS GUNNA BE TROUBLE-TROUBLE from "B.O.S." (Brotha Of The Struggle).

I am not getting in the middle of this, cuz I got 99 problems and I don't want the "GD's" to be one.... But, this is what happens. Either you keep it real with the streets, or the streets are going to keep it real with you. If you a studio gangsta, you don't want it with no real gangstas. So, what ever they got going on, either he's gonna pay and lose his street cred, or he's gonna be hard and get buried in a cemetery yard.....

So, either pay up, or in Florida, you'll never be able to lay up.

Florida's "Gangster Disciples" [GD's] 
Want Rick Ross To Pay That Money 

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