(707) "Vallejo" Rapper "JAE RAW" FT. "YUNG DANE

OFF: "THE LIFE: Episode 1" Mixtape

Twitter: @jaeraw707

Aiiight. So, I'm a little late get'n this track on my plate, but I ate it the hell up. And for those of ya'll who aint heard "On One", you need to get "On One". I'm so, on one, on one, on one, on one, on one..... What's a goon to a goblin, what's a click when you mob'n? This is one of them I feel good, I look good, I'm living good, it's all good, type tracks. 

Jae Raw Ft. Yung Dane on his video for "On One", which is off his world premiere mix tape "The Life: Episode 1". Be on the look out for his new mix tape "50 SHADES of RAW". Make sure you cop that, when he drops that.

For the video, "On One", Jae Raw hooks up with Johnny D'Brasco and Propane Daghost to bring you this epic visual, which was Shot & Directed by: Johnny D'Brasco & Edited by: Propane Daghost. 

As for me, myself and yadadimean, I love the blackness in all da scenes. I'm so on one, on one, on one, on one.....

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