(707) "Vallejo" Author "Bjay Jones"
Drops A Talk Show Of His Own
"Keeping It Real With Bjay Jones" (2nd Show)
Tonight 8:30-9:30 (707) 653-6218

live ustream.com@krbjayjones

"Keeping It Real With B Jay" is about "Keeping it Real" with your self and others. "Keeping It Real With Bjay Jones" is a spot that answers questions of today, in an open forum of way.

"Bjay" considers himself to be the "Local Dr Phill". Born in "Oakland", but raised in "Vallejo", "Bjay" made his own way and attended "Grambling" & "Langston" college right out of high school.

"Bjay" is not shy when it comes to choosing topics and answering questions to callers, as he streams live. What I like about "Keep It Real With Bjay" is that you get the opportunity to hear the thoughts of both men and women on a multitude of topics. If you want to give or get advice or just need to vent on the topics, "Bjay" will let you drop it

"Bjay" feels we live in a world where "EVERYONE HAS ISSUES", but know YOUR NOT THE ONLY ONE

To contact "Keeping It Real With Bjay Jones" call (707-653-6218), Monday Nights at 8:30-9:30 (PST). Come listen, laugh, ask questions, or make comments

Tonight's Topics: "Do you Feel that you have to tell your mate everything?" And "Would you be able to love a person in the escort business?"

"Keeping It Real With BJay"  is your Monday night spot, to rock. Call the (707)653-6218 and watch live ustream.com@krbjayjones.


(Introduction Promo)
 "Keeping It Real WIth B Jay"

(1st Live Show)
"Keeping It Real With B Jay"

12/8/2011 03:29:49 am


We were friends on facebook. I saw a message from you about a party, but my page was hacked before I could respond and I ended up deactivating it my facebook. Love your show! Hope to hear from you again sometime. - Traci


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