New "Dj Fresh" Ft. "Mayne Mannish"
"Put it in Yo Mouth"

Heeey, you got to atleast be in your 30's more likely 40's to know the hook to this song. i know where I was at and who I was with when I used to listen to this song, some 15 plus years ago.<<< Good times, being good at being bad. (lol)

 The Connetic clothing company teams up with the Worlds Freshest aka DJ Fresh!!!!! That’s right Connetic, agrees to team up with the San Jose based DJ and Producer, known for his “The Tonite Show” LP's and music production on multiple Rap artist albums in the US. The plan is to release a exclusive T-Shirt set to drop Jan 14th 2014. But that’s not all! You know DJ Fresh had to come with a free exclusive Mixtape titled "Boomin System" for his release... The 1st single set to drop December 17th titled “Put it in Yo Mouth” by Mayne Mannish Prod. by Shomari Shonuff Wilson. With more to come off Mixtape consist of artist like E-40, Kendrick Lamar, Slim Thug, Scarface, Problem, Clyde Carson, Droop E, Kaz Kyzah, D-Lo, and many more.......

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