"FAIRFIELD'S" 4th Annual "Operation T.H.U.G.S.
(The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls) 
Christian "Toy Drive"

Twitter: @Operation_Thugs


This organization is the heartbeat of the street. It's the blood line the flows from the Heavenly Divine, to help service all of man kind. I can not say enough good about "Operation T.H.U.G.S.". They come with more than words, they come with The Word, prayer, hugs and compassion backed up by actions. Operation T.H.U.G.S. is  a group of givers and doers. They are giving of their time to not only spread the Gospel, The Great News, The Word Of Jesus Christ, but they are reaching people where they're at, and expressing God's love through that. Rather it's at a Christmas outreach concert, and Thanksgiving free dinner and clothing giving away, an Easter outreach at the park, helping the homeless or ministering and preforming at the Juvenile Hall, Operation T.H.U.G.S., do what it does. I'm very proud of this organization doing great things for great people, in great need. This is definitely a God loving and God serving organization, in deed. 

Operation T.H.U.G.S. is a street ministry geared at bringing the Gospel of Christ into the streets. Being the light in dark places and sharing what Christ has done for us and also sharing what we have been through. Matthew 9:37

Operation THUGS, an evangelical ministry, is a collection of Christians from different churches in Fairfield, Vacaville and the greater Bay Area, some of whom have severed ties with gangs, drugs or alcohol. Its mission is to minister to people who call the streets home: homeless, prostitutes, gang members.

We are a group of men & women from different churches who share the same passion to reach out to the lost. This mission is bigger than just one church, this is a Body movement & we represent UNITY in the Body of Christ.

Being from the streets before God transformed us into NEW CREATIONS (2Cor.5:17), we have been called back into those same streets in which we once roamed. Christ gave us a compassion to connect with the community by showing them that we care. We don't go out to condemn them we just go out there to love them and to show them we care and to give them hope & that hope is in Jesus the Christ.

If you would like to make a donation you can go to their website http://www.operationthugs.org/
OR MAKE CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS PAYABLE TO: Operation T.H.U.G.S Inc. P.O. Box 1009 Suisun City, CA 94585.

Facebook: Operation T.H.U.G.S. (The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls)
Twitter: @Operation_Thugs

4th Annual Operation T.H.U.G.S. 
(The Harvest Unit Gathering Souls) 
"Toy Drive"

Project: Homeless "Under The Bridge"

Operation T.H.U.G.S. Youth Center


"Do N It Live
 "Christian" Rapper "Lecrae"
"Lecrae" & "TeamBackPack" @ Rock The Bells 2013 Cypher 
Performs 3 songs "CHURCH CLOTHES"
"Violence" & "Fallen"@ 2013 actlikemen in Long Beach


 Performs "Violence" & "Fallen" off "Gravity" album 
@ 2013 actlikemen in Long Beach


"Andy Mineo

Off "Heroes For Sale"
Twitter: @andymineo @reachrecords

"Bitterness can make a heart numb, but hope is like a star, you don't see it shine bright until it's dark time", is such a God loving line. Sometimes it's hard not to be hurt and be "Bitter", but I like that "Andy Mineo" keeps it real and says bitterness is a choice. 

A lot of time we fall victim to our circumstances and hold everything and everyone else responsible for what we feel and what we're going through, but God gave us a choice to choose life or death, cursing or blessings. So, you got to keep it real with yourself to keep it real with God, and you will fill Better if you just let go and let God. Why be "Bitter" walking around holding all that pain and hurt inside, making you sick, when you can let go and grow past it. There so much power in forgiveness, but you have to be ready to forgive. When you're not "Bitter" you're "Better". It's you're choice who you want to be and how you want to feel....TWright (Editor of TheRealSpill.com)


"Do N It Live"
"Mary J. Blige" Live: "This Christmas"

"Mariah Carey" - "Joy to the World

"Mariah Carey" - "All I Want For Christmas Is You"

(Christmas in Rockefeller Center 12/4/13)

Mary J. Blige
Live: "This Christmas"

Mariah Carey 
"Joy to the World
(Christmas in Rockefeller Center Dec 4, 2013)

Mariah Carey 
"All I Want For Christmas Is You
@ Rockfeller Center"


"Smokie Norful
(LIVE) Powerful Worship Medley


"Christian" Group "Israel & New Breed
Live @ "Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival" 2013


"Whitney Houston"
"Do You Hear What I Hear
"The First Noel"

"Do You Hear What I Hear


"The First Noel"


"WLAK" (We Live As Kings)
"Long Way Down" Ft. "Christon Gray" & "Dre Murray"
Twitter: @WELIVEASKINGS @Christongray @dremurray22 @JamTheHype 


"Eshon Burgundy"

Twitter: @EshonBurgundy


(20) "Street Soldiers For Souls"

Theophilus Rogers" - "Dance like David"
Calvin Hill" - "Puttin' In Work" 
Cesar G" -Meant For Me"
Patrick J" - "I Made It"  (Official Video)
Casey Hulbert" Ft  "Brandon T" - "Hero"
"The Christian Rapper Dilemma" - "KlayeCreation" -  OFFICIAL VIDEO 
"A-Natural" - "God's Greatness"  
D-Humble" - "On Fire"
"Nacho" - "Espiritu Santo
"Monster Mash" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) 
"GS" - "No Compromise"
"The Guide" - "Yancey" Ft "Big Jon" &  "DeeJay" (Official Video)
"2-much the Rebel" - "we only got a lil time" (Official Video)
"Saint Woods" - "I Want Your Style Christ" (Official Music
"S.O.G" - "Sitting In The Back"
"FoundNation" - "Made For More
"Aaron Ray" - "LIVE OUT LOUD" Ft. "C-Phresh" (Official Video)

"E-Sential" - "You're The Type"

"Christian" Rapper "Theophilus Rogers"
"Dance like David"
Twitter: @TheoRogers

If Theophilus Rogers aint from the Bay, he's still get'n much love over this way. The beat is dope and they lyrics are too, but the message, which is the reason for the season, lines up with the word of God, and for that HE GO!!!! 

Oh, Ok. He's from San Diego, but aint nothing but a hop, skip, and drive away from the Bay.

"Christian" Rapper "Calvin Hill
 "Puttin' In Work

"Christian" Rapper "Cesar G."
"Meant For Me"

"Christian" Rapper "Patrick J
"I Made It"  
(Official Music Video)

"Christian" Rappers "Casey Hulbert" & "Brandon T"

"The Christian Rapper Dilemma"
(Official Video)

"Christian"/"Gospel" Rapper "A-Natural"
 "God's Greatness

"Christian" Rapper "D-Humble"
 "On Fire"

Twitter: @ThatGirlBLAZE

Chicano "Christian" Rapper "Nacho
"Espiritu Santo"  
(Official Video)

"Christian" Rapper "YOUNG SPIRIT

At times its difficult to stay on the righteous path. Some of decisions I make it's like i'm making my "Bed In Hell" I don't wanna go to hell,but my action show otherwise.Forgive me Father!

"Monster Mash" 

"Monster Mash" is a Christian Rap Remix remastered by Pastor Chris McDaniels & Pastor Isaac Williams is about the resurrection of Christ.

Houston "Christian" Rapper "GS"
 "No Compromise"
Twitter: @ThisIsGS

"Christian" Rappers "Yancey" Ft "Big Jon" & "DeeJay
"The Guide
(Official Video)

The Guide is my debut music video.
I am a Christian Hip Hop artist from the midwest. My aim is to communicate the message of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ through the language of hip hop. My mixtape "A Sinner's Perspective" Will be released during the 2013-2014 christmas/new year break. #free you can find more of my music on sound cloud under the search title yanceytheprophet. for collaborations or booking please contact me yanceyduckett@yahoo.com and for your next video email cordondreamsmediagroup@yahoo.com or call/text 8123510137.

"Christian" Rapper "2-much the Rebel"
"we only got a lil time"
 (Official Video)
Twitter: @2muchtherebel

United Kingdom "Christian" Rapper "P.G." - 
"Trust In Him" (Original) 
Twitter: @PGrapper
"Invisible Love" Mixtape (Coming Soon)

Ohio, Columbus "Christian" Rapper "Saint Woods"
"I Want Your Style Christ"
 (Official Video)

"Christian" Rapper "S.O.G.
"Sitting In The Back"

"Livin' It"

"Catholic"/"Christian" Rappers "FoundNation"
"Made For More"

"Christian"  Artists "Aaron Ray"  Ft. "C-Phresh"
(Official Video)
Twitter: @AaronRay2013 @KIDDPHRESH06

"You're The Type"
Twitter: @TheESential