Check Out The Top 10 Weekly Rap Videos 

#1 Wiz Khalifa "Work Hard Play Hard"
#2 Nas "Daughters" 
#3 Kevin McCall - "Naked" Ft. Big Sean 
#4 Omarion Ft Rick Ross -"Let's Talk" (Official Video)
#5 50 Cent - "Murder One"  (Official Video)
#6 Diggy - "4 Letter Word" (Official Video) 
#7 Shanell Ft Lil Wayne & Drake - So Good/6 AM
#8 Birdman Ft Rick Ross "Born Stunna"(Official Video) #9 2 Chainz "UNDASTATEMENT" (Official Video) 
#10 Birdman "Dark Shades" Ft Lil Wayne & Mack Maine (Video)

Wiz Khalifa 
"Work Hard Play Hard"
(Official Video


Kevin McCall Ft. Big Sean 
(Official Video)

Omarion feat. Rick Ross 
"Let's Talk"
 (Official Video) 

50 Cent 
"Murder One"  (Official Video) 

"4 Letter Word"
 [Official Video] 

Shanell ft Lil Wayne and Drake 
"So Good/6 AM"
(Official Video) 

Birdman Ft. Rick Ross 
"Born Stunna"
(Official Video) 

2 Chainz 
(Official Video) 

Birdman Ft Lil Wayne and Mack Maine
"Dark Shades"
(Official Video)

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